Baby Boomers Chart New Direction in Housing

The link below includes an interesting article on how Baby Boomers are changing the way we look at housing for our senior population. Baby Boomers are not retiring, rather they're starting new careers. This allows them to chose housing options with better amenities, that are more affordable and require less maintenance rather than downsizing or moving to retirement communities. 

"Baby Boomers are a critical piece to the housing market puzzle. Americans over the age of 55 make up a quarter of the population and control about two-thirds of the single-family home equity in the nation. Sixty-five-year olds who, on average purchased a home 35 years ago now tend to have a home value that is likely 3.7 times what they purchased it for."

In summary, Baby Boomers are going to be a key piece to the housing market for many years to come. Cick here to check out the article! 

Posted on August 22, 2016 at 5:46 pm
Sarah Schilz | Category: News, Seniors

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